Galley Style Kitchen

Tony Limburg & Vicki Booth

Tony and Vicki came to Ron Kirk Joinery with a plan in place for what they wanted. We worked with them to measure up the area and come back to them with the initial design drawings. It was a bit of a confined space to have a scullery, but we worked with what was available and some storage solutions to make it do-able.

We were open to working with Tony and Vicki to ensure their kitchen design was perfect before moving onto the build. All and all, a lot of it was prefabricated offsite and so the onsite installation time was reduced.

We even worked with Tony and Vicki to repurpose some of the original timber, which was rimu and looks fantastic used in the new kitchen and adds to the history of the home.

Testimonial of Galley Style Kitchen Renovation

'We had an initial plan of what we wanted for a kitchen and got onto working with Ron Kirk Joinery as a neighbour recommended them. We have a galley style kitchen and wanted a scullery in a rather confined space. They came and measured up, and came back to us with drawings, we then came back with a few changes and went from there.

There were a few things that we wanted specific to us, for example, I’m a keen gardener and so we use a bokashi bin in the scullery and tuck it away with a slide-out drawer. Tony wanted an ironing board cupboard to tuck the iron away, so we got one of those as well. The new kitchen is just so much better.

The home was designed in around 1967 (we think) and the original kitchen had rimu flooring and little drawers that didn’t run smoothly or really fit everything you needed. Now we have big efficient easy sliding drawers. We also repurposed some of the original rimu into the new kitchen which just looks fabulous. With one small step, I can reach between the sink and the induction cooktop. I can now stand beside the dishwasher and empty it straight into the drawers, barely taking a step.

We found Ron Kirk Joinery to be great communicators throughout the whole kitchen renovation process. They just kept in touch. The standard of work stayed right up there, largely due to the level of experience with their staff. They’re understandably proud of their workmanship and produce real quality work.'

- Tony Limburg & Vicki Booth

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