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Custom made Joinery
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Otago’s Comprehensive Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Repairs and Renovations

A sturdily built kitchen that maximizes your space can transform the look and feel of your entire home.

We specialize in kitchen repairs and renovations, new designs, alterations, new bench tops and custom cabinetry. Regardless of the size and dimensions of your space, we prioritize custom kitchen joinery made specifically for your space and designed around your ideals.

Our small team takes pride in our friendly and approachable working ethos, providing you with accurate quotes that maximize the quality of wood products within your budget, with an emphasis on quality workmanship.

Expert level kitchen renovations transforming your home into a palace

Kitchens take a lot of wear and tear over time. It's no secret that after a few years ready-made kitchens become pretty hard to renew.

Our emphasis on quality workmanship stands in opposition to the cosmetic and fleeting quality of semi-custom and generic ready-made kitchen cabinets and tops sold at most major kitchen retailers.

Ron Kirk Joinery is all about designing specifically for your space with neither nails nor glue, and only the highest quality in timber and tools.

Custom Made Cabinetry

Custom made cabinetry is a long lasting investment adding value to your home. While they take longer to design, fabricate and install, custom made cabinetry will save you money in the long term. Where ready-made kitchen cabinets are put together using low quality materials that need replacing every few years, our custom cabinets make a permanent improvement to your home of the highest quality.

Our bespoke cabinet designs are fabricated specifically for your space, with over 50 years of collective joinery expertise and the best quality wood within your budget.
wooden kitchen

Your Kitchen

What if you walked into your kitchen next week to see brand new custom made bench tops and cabinets... built start-to-finish with YOUR kitchen and YOUR kitchen only in mind?

Give us a call and let's make it happen.
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